A bried overview of the website design and layout

Tabs Info
Home index/Main page, the lnading page
About An about me page with a few things I like and a bit of info about me
Counter Strike My settings and skins for the game counter strike
Projects Some of my diy's and programming projects, mods/addons ands games I've done
Photos A display of photos I've taken
Blog Full legnth blog dicussing multiple topics, more of like a diary
Articles Little news articles discusing topics I find interesting
Reviews Here I will post reviews of the follwoing media, anime, video games, music and tv shows
Music A page dedicated to music and albums I love, some playlist and of my collection
Games A list of games I've completed, favrotite games, and game catologue
Anime A list of animes I've watched, favrotite animes, and anime catologue
Shrines Pages dedicated to some of my favourite things in the entire world
Archive An archive with all previous iterations of my website
Resources Multiple resources to get you on the right track to create your own website
Mini Blog